• Important Information You Need to Read Before Ordering

  • • Article 1

    If you enter another order on the same link while the order you placed is in progress, the system will give you an error and your balance will burn.

  • • Article 2

    2 If you place an order while your profile is hidden, the system will complete the order status and will not refund the transaction fee!

  • • Article 3

    If part of your order is completed or cancelled (except Item 2), your money will be refunded. Please try re-entering orders or passing orders from our different service.

  • • Article 4

    You must not enter any other orders to the same address before an order ends.

  • • Article 5

    • Bot follower operations are not guaranteed in any way, although the time to be maintained, incoming followers can be deleted even the next day

  • • Article 6

    SOCİALPL.com never guarantees time, although it is not clear when social media will update, the periods written in the service descriptions are the closest estimated periods we have specified.
  • • Article 7

    +18,adult, claim coupon sales account or illegal gambling, etc. are prohibited from taking members.

  • • Article 8

    The balance entered into the system is strictly non-refundable, but when we agree with us on a service, that service is refunded if it is problematic and removed

  • • Article 9

    Do not change, hide or shoot from anywhere else after placing your order on your account, post, etc.. before the order is completed.

  • • Article 10

    Anyone who registers and orders our system accepts these rules and cannot complain and claim any disruption.

  • • Article 11

    Although the data written in the service descriptions is not up-to-date, this contract applies because service descriptions are only preliminary information because we do not know what data any service reflects instantly, guarantees and start periods are not valid.

  • • Article 12

    • SOCİALPL.com reserves the right to change the above clauses without notice.

    • You agree to the following items for your purchases

  • The user's profile must be made public before the order is passed.
  • • • Social media systems are constantly updated, your account can be closed in transactions such as followers, please "Newly Opened",Copyrighted",Sms and Mail Disapproved" Do not take followers to accounts.There is also a risk of closing an ordinary account. Please consider these things, we do not accept responsibility
  • • You should not enter any other orders at the same address before an order ends
  • •Closed account, deleted followers, and no guarantee seizing any xx.com.com of order deficiency.
  • •SOCİALPL.com. is responsible for loading only the amount received & which cannot guarantee the activity & fall in all transactions. (Excluding guaranteed services) If there is a missing installation, the system automatically refunds the missing part.
  • • SOCİALPL.com are responsible for their orders&Those who buy &sell through
  • • In Twitter foreign bot transactions, please wait at least 6 hours after the order is completed and then proceed to another order
  • • Bot follower operations are not guaranteed in any waDo not change, hide, and shoot elsewhere before the order is completed after placing your ordery, although the time to be maintained is not clear, incoming followers can be deleted even the next day.
  • •If the status of orders placed on confidential accounts is "Completed", no refund can be made
  • • If the status of the orders that have been misprocessed is "Completed", no refund can be made.
  • • Members are prohibited from taking on accounts such as +18,adult, claimcouped coupon sales account or illegal gambling, etc.
  • • The start time of orders passed through the system may vary according to systemic density, can be postponed, extended.
  • • The balance entered into the system is strictly non-refundable, but when we agree with us on a service, that service is refunded if it is problematic and removed.
  • •Do not change, hide, and shoot elsewhere before the order is completed after placing your order
  • • If you do not pay attention to these issues, we do not have responsibility for the situation.
  • • Anyone who registers and orders our system agrees to these rules and cannot complain about any disruption and claim it
  • • reserves the right to amend the above clauses without notice xx.com.com


  • • General rules and legal responsibilities for site use are recommended to read the following terms, rules and legal responsibilities before the https://SOCİALPL.com site is used.

    -Please do not upload and use a balance to the https://SOCİALPL.com site if the stated terms are not suitable for you.
    -You are deemed to have accepted the written terms on these pages by using the site and filling out the membership form with your personal information.
    - https://SOCİALPL.com reserves the right to modify, reorganize, and stop broadcasting any services, products, terms of use available on this site and site extension, and the information provided on the site without prior notice.
    - Changes come into force on the date of publication on the site
    - https://SOCİALPL.com advises users to visit the user agreement, terms of service and cancellation/refund conditions pages each time they log in to the site.
    - These conditions also apply to other web pages given the link. The user agreement, terms of service and cancellation/refund https://SOCİALPL.comterms are open to all members of
    - All services provided on the site are paid. In the following written cases, site management may block the user's site use and reserves legal rights to persons or persons involved in the following initiatives:

  • 1.a.. Recording false, irregular, incomplete and misleading information, information containing statements that do not comply with general code of ethics and contrary to the laws of the Republic of Turkey,

    1.b. Inwhole or all copying of site content without permission,

    1.c.The User is directly responsible for any damages awarded to users or any damages awarded to users, such as username, password, usage rights, sharing with third parties or organizations (using this information by persons other than the user). Likewise, the User may not use personal information such as someone else's IP address, e-mail address, user name, or access or use other users' private information without permission. The user is deemed to have accepted any legal and criminal obligations arising out of such use.KM

    1.d. . Using software that will threaten the security of the site, prevent the site from working, activities, attempting to do so and receiving, deleting and modifying information. Quru


  • 2.a. https://SOCİALPL.comthis website is owned or licensed and legally protected by all information, https://SOCİALPL.com brand and other brands, https://SOCİALPL.com domain name, logo, icon, demonstrative, written, electronic, graphic or machine readable technical data, computer software, applied sales system, business method and business model ("Materials") and intellectual and industrial property rights related to them. Any Material on the Website; it cannot be modified, copied, reproduced, translated, republished, republished, installed on another computer, mailed, transmitted, submitted, or distributed, including code and software, without prior permission and without prior permission.
    The entire or part of the Website or mobile application may not be used without permission on another website. On the contrary, actions require legal and criminal responsibility. https://SOCİALPL.com All other rights not expressly stated herein are reserved.

    2.b.https://SOCİALPL.comall criticisms submitted tohttps://SOCİALPL.com, if desired, can be used by https://SOCİALPL.com for marketing purposes.

  • Responsibilities

  • 3.a. https://SOCİALPL.com The information of users visiting(visiting time, time, pages displayed) may be tracked for better service to them.
    3.b. The user cannot make actions that prevent or make it difficult for other users and visitors to use the https://SOCİALPL.comapp, and cannot install or lock servers or databases automatically. He can't make attempts to cheat. If found, his membership will be terminated and any legal and criminal responsibility arising from the situation eder.KM

    3.c. https://SOCİALPL.com. It is the responsibility of individuals to get a backup of the messaging made with the management of https://SOCİALPL.com and is recommended by the can't be held responsible for the loss, deletion or damage of messages due to the lack of backups.https://SOCİALPL.com

    3.d.. Membership cancellation and account deletion can be done by creating a user's support request. The user who has completed its membership will be revoked. The person who cancels his membership agrees that there is no return to this transaction. https://SOCİALPL.coma decision https://SOCİALPL.com whether to delete any records of the user account terminated by the user themselves. No claim or compensation claim may be found for deleted records.

    3.e. . This website may contain links or references on other websites that are not under the control of https://SOCİALPL.com .comis not responsible for the content of these sites or any other links they contain.

    3.f. https://SOCİALPL.comcomhas the right to contact the user for communication, marketing, notification and other purposes through letters, e-mail, SMS, telephone calls and other means via address, email address, landline and mobile phone lines and other contact information specified by the user on the site or mobile application registration form or later updated by him. The user acknowledges and declares that https://SOCİALPL.commay engage in the above-mentioned communication activities against him, unless there is a written notice, contrary to accepting this agreement.

    3.g.In certain parts of the site, different rules and obligations may be specified specific to that section. The persons and organizations that use these sections are deemed to have accepted these rules in advance

    3.h.. To read the measures we take to protect the personal information and privacy of our users and our general policy on this issue, please read the "Agreement of Use" page. As soon as the service is in use, the User agrees that he will accept all the provisions of this participation agreement and that the contract shall express a provision against him. The user agrees to indemnify any damages suffered by thehttps://SOCİALPL.com for his non-obligations under this agreement. https://SOCİALPL.comthe user has the right to recourse for any compensation and/or administrative/judicial fines that the user may have to pay to public institutions and/or third parties for their uncontracted conduct.

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